Computers Piling Up?

Computers have been around long enough that many of us have purchased several iterations of thm in order to keep up with changing technology (remember floppy disks?). That means many of us are storing enough old technology under our beds and in closets to run a small nation. So what can you do with all those old circuits and mother boards? Whatever you do, DON'T throw them away.

Why? With the National Safety Council deeming 63 million computers obsolete in 2005 alone, there are going to be a lot of computers ending up in land fills. The problem with putting computers in landfills is the same problem with putting batteries in land fills, they are made with toxic materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. As time passes and these elements break down, they may end up in our drinking water, causing terrible consequences for everybody.

So what can you do with those yellowed boxes of uselessness? Besides trying to upgrade them, you can first try to donate them. Several organizations accept computers as donations for low-income Americans or for people oversees who don't have access to computers. In fact, the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 allows companies to file an enhanced charitable deduction benefit for donating computers to schools.

If you want to donate old technology go here...
http://www.wirelessfoundation.org/CalltoProtect/index.cfm (donate old cellphones)
More here...

Some of these organizations do not accept REALLY old technology for obvious reasons. They also cannot take things that are beyond repair. So for those of you with Tandy 1000's laying around, here is some information on recycling them.

For macs go here...
All Computers go here...
Or search here for a free location near you...

You can also bring old cell phones and batteries to Staples stores to have them recycled in cooperation with the Sierra Club.

I honestly was a little disappointed that when I called Best Buy they had no suggestion for recycling old computers other than "checking the yellow pages."

But anyways, good for you for recycling your old computers! Just think of all the room you'll free up in your home and all the years of clean drinking water for your children!

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