Whole Foods Uses Only Renewables

Just to reiterate, this blog is designed to help you incorporate green thinking into four areas of your life 1) Traveling, 2) Voting, 3) Building, 4) Eating. This post addresses the eating part.

I know the jury is still out on organic foods and whether they are truly as eco-friendly as they seem. But at least when you shop at Whole Foods you are contributing to renewable energy development. The EPA published a report of the most green energy users in the country. The number one company was Whole Foods. Why? Because they use 100% renewable energy sources to power their stores.

Here is a press release from Whole Foods explaining their newest purchase of wind energy credits to offset 100% of their energy usage... http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/company/pr_01-10-06.html

"As of December 9, 2005, Whole Foods Market is purchasing more than 458,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy credits from wind farms. This purchase will avoid more than 700 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution this year. To have the same environmental impact, more than 60,000 cars would have to be taken off the road or more than 90,000 acres of trees would have to be planted."

Way to go Whole Foods. How about if we send an email to our other grocery store chains with this information and ask them why they aren't using renewable energy?

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  1. Whole Foods is an awesome store. Not only are they environmentally responsible, but they are good to the people who work there. They ranked in the top 20 from Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2006. Too bad we don't have one here in Tally.