Bush's Environmental Record

Whether you are a fan of President George W. Bush or not, its important as his constituents to be informed on the decisions he is making on our behalf. MSNBC reviewed the policies created by the Bush Administration and noted changes from before Bush took office in 2000. They also include editorial from experts on the topics. Here is the link, below are some highlights.

Arctic Drilling
  • Before Bush: President Clinton opened an eastern section of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska to oil and gas exploration in 1998, with tight restrictions.
  • Actions taken: Proposed oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Opened most of northwest portion of the reserve to oil and gas development, including areas for wildlife.
  • Administration's position: Tapping the oil would reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign sources of oil. Limiting drilling to 2,000 acres in the refuge would protect wildlife.
  • What his critics say: A 2,000-acre limit is meaningless since the area can be spread across the entire coastal plain. Whatever oil is there will have little impact on oil prices and won't be produced for a decade. Conservation steps would save more oil than ever produced.

Air Pollution

  • Before Bush: The Clinton administration sued 51 aging power plants and forced several to install pollution-control equipment.
  • Actions taken: Kept Clinton lawsuits, but changed rules used in lawsuits and moved to drop some investigations. New rules help industry expand without adding more pollution controls.
  • Administration's position: Old rules prevented plants from gaining efficiency. Congress should pass a new law to cut nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and mercury.
  • What his critics say: States suing said they should take over investigations. Bush’s changes would let companies pollute too much, for too long. Carbon dioxide should also be regulated.

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