Despite Britney Spears' Behavior, California a Great Example

Yes Britney Spears has lost it. No California hasn't. California is still a great model despite what some of its citizens do to their do.

California is by far the most environmentally friendly state in the Union. Since 1974, the state has kept its energy use constant. Thats amazing considering that in the US, per person energy use has increased 50% since the '70s.

How did they do it? Why hasn't your state done it? First off, let me just say that this is a perfect illustration of an anti-federalist view point. States are better equipped to address environmental issues than the stone-aged federal government. California, for example, regulated greenhouse-gas emissions through progressive credit-trading policies. They utilize alternative sources of power like solar and wind. This means $800 less a year spent by California families for energy, in spite of the fact that Californians pay more for their energy than people in any other state.

Where is the most energy per person used? Wymoing, Kentucky and Alabma. Why? Because those states have the losest prices for energy.

Another way California improved their energy efficiency was by changing the way utilities billed customers. Rather than chargin customers less for more usage, utilities had to start chargin more for greater usage. What a revelation! California is still the only state in the country with this "decoupling" policy. The utilities haven't left and they are actually profiting well from the change. Some utilities in other states are lobbying for similar policies.

Call your state elected leaders and ask if they have filed or sponsored legislation that decouples energy prices the way California has. Ask them if the state has considered incentives to help people conserve energy. Go Here to find out who represents you in the political system.

Go Here to read more about California's energy policies.

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