Recycle Your Garbage Can

A few blog entries back I talked about my self-conscious avoidance of recycling. I wanted to recycle, but when it came down to it, I just wasn't making the effort.

Well I have started making the effort. I posted the list of recyleable materials on my fridge and started paying attention to what I'm about to throw away. Very naturally, I have learned what goes in the garbage and what goes in the bin. As a matter of fact, so much goes in the bin that my garbage can is almost always empty. It starts to stink before its full!

The next step is to take the garbage can out of the kitchen and replace it with 2 labeled bins to make recycling even easier. Garbage will have to be carried to the outside can everytime to create an incentive to recycle first.

If you have the same reluctance to recycle, go back to that original post and print out the list of recycleable materials. Its a great first step to recognizing how much can actually be recycled. After that, the process becomes much easier.

Good luck! And don't forget about those water bottles!

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