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REI is ordinarily known for its great outdoors products and stores full of great sports supplies. But did you also know they plan vacations? There are tons of interesting vacations on their website. One vacation package in partiuclar caught my eye.

"In partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, REI Adventures will purchase renewable energy credits to offset the carbon emissions generated by all aspects of our trips, including airline travel, beginning in 2007. We will purchase renewable energy credits to offset the CO2 produced by each participant's flight and ground transportation. The credits, called "Green Tags," will support solar, wind and other renewable energy projects. With enough support of these "green" energy sources, the use of conventional, polluting power such as coal and natural gas can be reduced, and overall greenhouse gas pollution minimized."

This might seem like its taking the whole green living thing a little too far, but I think this is a really cool vacation alternative. Imagining visitng the Amazon and feeling confident that you are doing something to protect it. Some of the other vacations include backpacking the Grand Canyon, snorkeling the Austrailian Great Barrior Reef, and hiking the Julian Alps. Its great taking a trip that allows you to appreciate the world around you while ensuring it will be there for others to appreciate in the future.

To read more about these vacations go here...http://www.rei.com/adventures/index.html

To read more about REI's environmental commitment go here...http://www.rei.com/aboutrei/cce.html

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