Yes This is My Hybrid, No I Won't Help You Move

You're moving. Inevitably, you have too much junk. You first impulse is the garbage. Below are some tips on how to mitigate your move's earthly impact from Eco-Warrior Anna Shepard. Before I paste them, I find it easier to make piles as I go for recycling, Goodwill, garage sale, friends, and garbage.

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My top tips for a green move.

*Give yourself enough time. The earlier you start sorting through corners of your house, the more likely you are to find green homes for stuff you don’t want.

*Get in touch with neighbours or nearby friends who might like your perishable food stuffs such as last loaves of bread and cartons of milk.

*Start saving bubblewrap, cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and other materials to help wrap up valuables. Ask in your office in case they have spare stuff going. Then you can supply your removals men. Otherwise they will use acres of virgin materials.

* Supermarkets might not have boxes by the tills anymore but they usually have some available behind the scenes. They may tell you to come back in the morning or at a certain time to pick them up.

* You may find it’s cheaper, greener and less stressful to hire a removals van to do one trip rather than using your own vehicle to do several. I’m waiting for the day that a company sets up a green fleet of vans. Alternative Cars, this is your cue…

* When you arrive, what about connecting to a renewable electricity company such as Ecotricity or Good Energy. Best get off on the right foot and make up for all your mid-move green sins.

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