Florida Addressing Climate Crisis

Florida is a lot of things. Usually its the butt of a joke or home to a scandalous news story. Florida is home to me AND its home to some of the most sensitive and unique ecological treasures in the world. Now the Florida Governor's cabinet is taking steps to protect those endangered treasures.

According to the Gainesville Sun, Florida's Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is preparing four meetings between climate experts and her fellow cabinet members. California has already done a lot to confront their carbon emissions. Hopefully Florida is serious about doing the same.

Give your state representative a call and ask if there are any carbon restrictions on the table for their legislative session.

All of this reiterates my prediction that the states will begin taking the lead on these issues. Some of the folks running for the White House don't believe that global warming exists. How in the world can we expect THAT federal government to usher in a new age of energy independence and clean air?

Here is the Gainesville Sun story.

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