Bulls and Bears Go Green

Apparently Wall Street is beginning to feel the economic benefits of being environmentally aware. THIS Newsweek article profiles some of the evolving policies of Wallstreet investment firms including refusing loans for companies who aren't integrating conservation into their corporate strategies.

In one example, Goldman Sachs advised a client to compromise with environmentalists during the purchase of energy giant TXU Corp., a Texas utility with a bad environmental reputation. This resulted in the cancellation of construction of 11 coal power plants and investment of hundreds of millions of dollars into renewable energy. As the public sours on fossil fuels, the clients will thank Sachs.

And just for fun HERE is a link to a story on America's Greenest Buildings which profiles the growth of sustainable construction in the commercial real estate industry.
If you want to start greening up your workplace, go HERE for EPA tips on hosting an environmentally friendly meeting. You could reduce paper waste by using electronic files as much as possible, printing on both sides of paper, using recycled paper and recycling leftovers.

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