Make Your Pet Green

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, just took a break to wait for new material.

If your dog is like mine, she/he is constantly being barraged by chemicals. From the flea baths to the flea prevention and all of the treatments, cleaning products, and deodorizers in between. I'm no vet, but I have to guess that dousing our furry family members in this stuff isn't exactly healthy. I want my pup to live forever, or at least as long as possible.

There is an alternative. Pet supply stores across the country are beginning to provide all natural products for dogs, cats, ferrets, tropical fish...you name it. For dogs there is additive-free food and veggie chews. You may be familiar with the "Newman's Own" brand of charitable products. Now that company is manufacturing organic dog food made without herbicides or pesticides.

This may all seem a little silly, but of course silliness ensues with pet owners. Keep in mind that there is no legal definition for "organic" or "natural" so you'll have to check the label for more information.
  • Here is a link to Newman's Own Organics dog treats for little dogs at Amazon.com

  • Here is a link to an all natural pet store

  • Here is a link to Botanical Dog, another natural pet store

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