Counties Tackling Global Warming

States have been trending toward curbs on climat change emissions. Now counties are doing their part as well.

One such city is Fairfax, Virginia. The Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolooy is planning on spending millions to make the city's one million residents a little greener.

Some of the types of changes Fairfax is planning include: ethanol-burning buses, tax braks for hybrid car owners, more trees, and more green space. Oh yea, and plenty of "green roofs" like I described in THIS post.

Rather than pitting environmentalists against business owners, the Board plans on offering incentives to businesses who make environmentally friendly changes.

Montgomery County is another green county that requires buildings to meet strict energy saving standards. The county also gets 10% of its energy from renewable resources.

What this all means is that you can have a direct impact on global warming by working at the local level. Maybe start by attening a county or city commission meeting and suggesting small inexpensive steps like offering free trees to citizens and rebates for utility users who reduce their usage.

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