Winter Global Temps Highest EVER

This is getting stranger and stranger.

The U.S. government confirmed what most people felt, this was a mild winter. In fact, it was the warmest worldwide winter ever recorded. Not to freak you out, but in addition to the warmer winter the particles that block out sunlight and keep the earth cooler are disappering.

Now many will say that although the winter was the warmest on record, it only warmed by an average of 1.3 degrees. In the icey world of the poles, a change of 1.3 degrees is monumental. Plus, many creatures are only accustomed to a very narrow range of temperature changes. When that range is affected, they begin migrating to a more comfortable place or just die.

According to the NOAA National Climactic Data Center, the average increase in temperatures per decade has been about .11 degrees. Since 1976, however, the increases have been much more dramatic.

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