Algae Blooms Kill California Animals

Sad news on a Friday, and I'm sorry. Apparently algae blooms off the coast of California are killing birds, sea lions and dolphins who are washing up in San Diego and San Francisco.

Algae blooms are the result of two things. One, abundance of nutrients (called nutrient loading) in a body of water. And two, warm water temperatures. The ocean is unusually warm and the run-off of fertilizers, pesticides, and waste has created a perfect storm for the blooms.

What is bad for humans is the fact that fish consume toxic algae then pass it off to us when we consume the fish. The sea lions and pelicans dieing are an indication that the fish they are eating are tainted. A "canary in a coal mine" situation, if you will.

We can protect ourselves, the ocean, and the animals by cutting back on fertilizers which get washed into the ocean. We can also shop at local farmers markets which play host to smaller farms who are less prone to using tons of fertilizer to maximize output.

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