Brit Invention Saves You Money

You might be unfamiliar with how refrigerators work, I know I was. Apparently, there is a little sensor in your fridge that measures the temperatures of the air as it circulates inside. Funny thing is, air heats up faster than the object stored in your ice box so the machine is working over time to cool just the air when your food is remaining at the same temperature.

Enter British inventors. The British have invented a small wax cube that fits over the fridge air sensor and mimics the temperature of food rather than air. Because your fridge accounts for 1/5 of your total energy bill, this little piece of wax could save you a chunk of change.

In the London, the device was tested on the Riverbank Park Plaza hotel's 140 refrigerators and freezers. Energy use decreased by 30%, saving 17,000 pounds or about $34,000 in a year. Bugger!

Hopefully the precious little cube will hit the US soon. In the mean time, its estimated that the UK can save 2 million tons (or in Brit speak "tonnes") in carbon dioxide emissions per year using it.

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