Home Depot Green Label

Finally! This is going to make my job a lot easier and might put this blog out of business!

A New York Times article today profiles Home Depot's new green label initiative that will notify buyers of over 3,000 products available which conserve energy, are toxin free, and promot sustainable forestry. The plan is to build the nation's largest green labeling program.

All of those home improvements you've been putting off because you wanted to do something unique and special with your home can now be started. Imagine buying something that benefits the environment while saving yourself money on utilities!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about this. Go HERE for the New York Times story and go to your local Home Depot store to find some new light bulbs and fertilizers. I will try to profile a product at the store once a week so you can learn about some different options for your home projects.

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