How to Appreciate the Turning Leaves

Its time for the reds, golds, and browns of Autumn. Unless you live in a state with a tropical climate, there are probably a few opportunities to observe the beautiful colors of Fall.

Where do these colors come from?

This site gives a great run-down of leaf color changing. It explains that..."The pigment is there all the time but is hidden by the chlorophyll that makes the leaves green. As the weather changes, chlorophyll production stops, and the other colors are unmasked.

Best weather conditions for the color are days that are bright and cool and nights that are chilly but not freezing. Adequate rainfall maintains the leaves on the trees.

Most striking reds are found on sugar and red maples, northern red oak, sumac, mountain ash, and tupelo. Yellow is found on birches, white ash, linden, maples, beech, aspens, and hickories. The season can last through November, depending on weather conditions and location."

Where can I see the best display of turning leaves?

Your own yard can be a great spot to observe the new burst of colors. But hiking through a forest it also a great way to get exercise and appreciate Fall's beauty. There are a few websites that give guidance on places to enjoy leaf colors. Go HERE, HERE, and HERE to check them out.

Try to avoid taking a long unnecessary car ride by looking for spots within biking or hiking range. If you're too busy to leave home, you can always see the great colors via webcam HERE.

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