A Spooky Green Halloween

Happy Halloween! Its time to load up on enough candy to fill your belly until Thanksgiving finally arrives.

Just for fun this year, why not be as green as Frankenstein when you're partying to the Monster Mash?

Below are a couple easy things you can do to make Halloween a little less scary for the environment.

  1. Take Reuseable Candy Bags: Plastic bags are made using petroleum and don't break down in dumps. Use a pillowcase or another cloth bag. Their candy capacity higher than plastic anyways.

  2. Make Your Own Costume: Sure, you could run out and buy another cheap "Slutty Librarian" costume, but I'll bet you have plenty of slutty clothing to do it yourself and reduce your consumption.

  3. Walk Instead of Driving: My father once ran me over while I was in my dinosaur costume on Halloween because I slid off the hood of his car and onto the road. Don't drive this Halloween, its a waste of gas, it pollutes the air, and the candy in your neighborhood is just as good as anywhere else.

  4. Recycle: At your party, make sure to have labeled trash cans for alumnium, paper and plastic. People will be impressed by your eco-thinking and it will make clean-up even easier.

  5. Don't Litter: It is tempting to start eating candy while you're still walking around the neighborhood. Stuff those wrappers in your pocket until you get home rather than throwing them on the ground. No one wants to be a litterbug for Halloween.

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