Solar Powered Holiday Lights

I try my best to put off Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. It concentrates the holiday excitement into one month rather than dragging it out for two. It is not, however, too early to start thinking about how you plan on decorating this holiday season.

One of my biggest pet peaves is the idea of my Christmas lights staying on for hours at a time, burning power and raising my utility bill at the worst possible time of year. Some strings of lights burn about 100 watts of power each. Thinking there must be a better way, I started researching solar powered Christmas lights.

Here is what I found...it is far too expensive to run out and buy a bunch of solar panels, converters, etc. to make your entire house Christmas display solar powered. It is possible, though, to buy some solar powered strings of light that not only reduce your energy consumption, but also do away with the need for annoying extension cords, outlets, etc.

These lights run about $20 for 60. Thats kind of expensive. They turn on automatically at dusk and run for 8 hours. They are LED lightbulbs which mean they will last longer than your traditional Holiday lights, like 100,000 hours longer.

If you are into different colored lights, Mr. Lights has many different options available that are solar powered.

Even Target is getting in on the game with THESE solar holiday lights.
Now you, and I, have no excuse to reduce your utility bill AND your earthly impact this holiday season.

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