Losing the Everglades

Click Here to read a very troubling article about the absense of funding to save the Everglades. I was involved in the fight to get Everglades funding from Florida two years ago. Now, and back then, the struggle is to get the federal government to uphold its end of the funding agreement.

I was very disappointed to read that Fred Thompson, Republican candidate for President, actually supports drilling for oil in the Everglades. Earth to Thompson, the Everglades is not only home to millions of people, but it also absorbs flood waters in hurricanes and cleans drinking water too.

Anyways, read the article and send an email to your Congress member urging them to override Bush's veto of the bill that will fund Everglades restoration. While you're at it, remind Congress that not long ago, Bush's father stood in the Everglades and promised this specific funding to restore the destroyed ecosystem.

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