Clinton, Wal-Mart Lower Prices for Cities

A few years back, Bill Clinton and his organization successfully lowered the cost of HIV/AIDS medications for Africans by utilizing the power of bulk buying. They coordinated a large pool of drug purchasers in Africa, then bought a huge number of medications from the drug companies for those buyers, so that the cost of medicine would be lowered.

Everybody knows Wal-Mart uses the same technique to lower the costs of its products. Now Wal-Mart & Bill Clinton are combining their successes in lowering prices to make green technologies more accessible to cities.

Clinton and Wal-Mart held an event yesterday featuring 100 of the nation's mayors. Over 1,000 cities are participating in the buying program. The pool of city buyers will make orders for florescent street light bulbs, solar panels, and recycled building products. These orders will be bundled and given to producers.

City's represent only 2% of the planet's land, but contribute 75% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. Clinton explained that a lot of that can be reduced with "low hanging fruit" solutions like replacing lights and using better building insulation. In the process, more "green jobs" will be created from manufacturing these products. Its a win-win for everyone involved.

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