Traveling Green On The Way To Grandma's

Its tough to go over the river and through the woods when the river is a toxic waste site or the woods have been mowed down. Its important to make wise decisions about traveling so the images of snowy winters, thick forests, and clear frozen lakes will still be reality for our children.

If you're taking your brood for a holiday trip to visit family this season, take a couple seconds to make sure it will be a greener visit. Just follow the advice below...
  1. Before you leave home, turn down the temperature on your hot water heater and turn down the thermostat at your house. Don't forget to stop delivery of your newspaper and make sure to unplug everything so you don't get charged for the phantom energy users like coffee makers and alarm clocks.

  2. Try flying British Airways or Southwest Airlines. Both companies emphasize recycling and reduced waste. If you can't fly on these, check to see if your airline is incorporating green policies into its coporate values. If they aren't, email them and ask why.

  3. Large hotel chains are beginning t realize the cost savings associated with green policies. Mariott has a website outlining their environmental policy HERE

  4. Turn off the lights and heater when you leave your hotel room. Take shorter showers to conserve hot water. Also, make sure the shades are drawn. This way you are conserving electricity and keeping out the cold weather.

  5. If you fly-in, rather than renting a car, try relying on the hotel van or public transportation. If you are driving, make sure your tires are full, your oil filter is replaced, and your car is running as efficiently as possible.

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