Recycle More Than Plastic, Glass, and Paper

I used to be so lazy about recycling that I went out and bought a tiny trashcan for my home so I would be forced to recycle a lot more of my waste. It has been a pretty effective tool. Unfortunately, there is still a lot that ends up in that little can.

If you are like me and you're fed-up with all the stuff you end up throwing in the dump, let me shed light on a few items you never knew are recyclable, so you can reduce the junk that keeps going in your can.
  1. Batteries: You can drop off dead batteries for recycling at Radio Shack, Verizon, AT&T, Office Depot, Apple Stores, Fed-Ex and more. To find the nearest drop-off location go HERE.

  2. Cell Phones: Clear your call history before you drop off, you don't want anybody knowing how often you call mom. Recycle cell phones and help our troops by going HERE. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides drop-off points, a mailing address, data clearing software and more.

  3. Ink Jet Cartridges & Printer Toner: These things pile up very quickly. Don't just toss them into the garbage. You can have them refilled or donate them to a good cause like Recycling Appeal.

  4. Sneakers: I know its tough to part with your fav pair. To make it easier, Nike is accepting those used sneakers to make new athletic surfaces for community playgrounds in New Orleans and other struggling neighborhoods. Go HERE for drop-off points and mailing addresses.

  5. Dry Cleaning Hangers & Plastic Wrap: Its so nice to pick-up your dry cleaning when its all shiny in that clear plastic wrap. That excitement wears off pretty quickly. Bring back the plastic and extra hangers to your dry cleaner, they'll reuse them and stop those..."NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!" moments.

  6. Computers & Technology: This is called E-Waste and it contains mercury and other toxins that can seep into water supplies and contribute to childhood diseases. Call your local municipal garbage to find out how they want you to dispose of E-Waste. Many manufacturers will accept their own E-Waste back, like Apple, HP, Dell, Sony, etc. Check their websites for information. Finally, you can also go HERE to find other recycling options.

So there you go, some other options other than the trash can for getting rid of that extra garbage around your house. You'll feel better knowing it is being reused or recycled rather than dumped. Be creative with a lot of your trash, you never know who else might see value in it.

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