China Bans the Bags

China takes a lot of heat for being a very environmentally unfriendly place. Over the past few years, China has experienced an incredible boom in its growth. As a result, ecosystems have been destroyed by development of dams and cities. Due to the lack of environmental regulations air pollution has reached such high levels that people cannot leave their homes. Its a pretty disgusting situation.

It must be said, however, that China has been quick to respond to criticism of its environmental situation. Slowly, the Chinese government is considering restrictions on global greenhouse gases. China has also shown interest in participating in the development of solar and wind power generators. Now, China has decided to ban all plastic bags from being produced, sold, or used.

This is obviously a pretty extreme ban. I guess thats one of the benefits of a totalitarian communist regime. Beginning June 1st, anybody providing thin plastic bags with the products they sell will be heavily fined.

The reason for this new ban is the reason why every person should seriously consider using reusable cloth bags rather than accepting plastic bags. In China's case, over 3 billion plastic bags are used daily. This requires the refinement of 37 million barrels of crude oil per year for manufacturing of the bags.

The bags you take from the grocery store, or from any store, also require oil for their creation. Think of all the bags you get every time you go shopping, its a lot! The best way to confront the terrible waste of oil is not necessarily to pass a government ban on the bags, but to educate people about the many benefits of cloth bags, both environmental and economical. They're also more reliable and convenient.

I'm sure you have cloth bags around your house that you could use for the grocery store. If you don't, Martha Stewart has a great guide to making bags from old t-shirts HERE. You can also purchase cloth bags in a 5 pack for $10 at AMAZON.

Just keep your bags in the trunk of your car or in your main bag and you'll always have it with you.

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