Green Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is a big, manly event. A Super Bowl party should have beer and pork rinds, not wine and cheese. Is having a real Super Bowl party and being green mutually exclusive? No.

  • You're going to be drinking a lot of beer on Sunday night. Put out a separate garbage can so your friends can toss cans and bottles into it.
  • Don't buy Styrofoam or plastic cups. Your grandkids will be dead before those Styrofoam cups disintegrate and plastic cups are made using overseas oil. Instead, shove your glasses in the freezer so they're frosty for the game.
  • You know those cheap paper plates you keep buying for these parties? They're lame. You have to stack 20 so they don't fall apart under greasy pizza. Avoid a party foul, pull out some regular plates so the food doesn't end up on your friends' lap.
There you go. Follow those 3 simple tips and you can have a real Super Bowl party without disrespecting the planet.

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