Knowing Where to Recycle

You can now recycle pretty much anything in your home. That doesn't mean everything recycles easily, some plastics and Styrofoam are notoriously difficult to recycle. However, if you are looking to rid yourself of some old computers, batteries, cell phones, sneakers, etc., there is someone who will take that junk off your hands and make into something useful.

A great website I recently came across is www.earth911.org. This site makes it so easy to recycle, even a busy, important person like you can do it! Simply enter what it is you're looking to recycle, i.e. paint, electronics, batteries, rubber, etc. Then enter your zip code. Earth911.org will bring up a list of local groups who will happily accept your stuff.

Check it out the next time you decide to clear out that junk drawer. We don't want the toxic chemicals in batteries, cell phones, electronics, etc. seeping into our water at the dump.

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