Sign the McCain/Obama Carbon Neutral Petition

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but neither Senator John McCain nor Senator Barack Obama have made their campaigns carbon neutral. What does this mean? This means that neither candidate is investing any of the millions of dollars their campaigns have raised to offset the pollution from their many plane and bus rides.

By purchasing carbon offsets, Obama and McCain would mitigate their campaign's greenhouse gas emissions by funding renewable energy research. This could result in more American jobs, improved national security, and a healthier planet.

Both Senators have proposed "Cap & Trade" emissions programs in the past that operate in a very similar way to carbon credit markets. Why would they propose a program that they won't participate in themselves? Its time for these candidates to stop just talking the talk and to start walking the walk on real environmental policy reform.

Please sign the petition to urge Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to make their campaigns carbon neutral. Environmental leadership isn't just a campaign slogan, its a principle that must be followed now.

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