Whole Foods Ditches Plastic & So Can You

Whole Foods has decided that it will no longer use plastic bags to package your groceries at the check-out lane. Their reason for doing this is simple. Plastic bags are bad for the earth.

Why? Plastic bags are made using petroleum. You probably know that burning petroleum releases carbon dioxide into the air. It is believed that the release of carbon dioxide is the cause of global climate change. Petroleum is also difficult to obtain and requires political relationships with nefarious nations. Plastic bags do not break-down in the dump and the cost of recycling them is actually more than the cost of manufacturing a new one.

Whole Foods isn't the first group to quit using plastic bags. The Chinese government passed a ban last year because of the environmental damage and lifespan of plastic bags. Other countries and some of our states have considered a similar ban.

Whole Foods will begin cutting out plastic bags on April 22nd in commemoration of Earth Day. To prepare, begin collecting any cloth bags you might have around your house. If you don't have any cloth bags or if you'd like some bags specifically for grocery shopping, you can buy some HERE. Keep some bags in your trunk, at work, and maybe in your purse.

You will feel great knowing you are reducing our country's reliance on oil and helping to keep plastic bags out of garbage dumps or nature. Plus, cloth bags are more reliable and tough. So when Whole Foods makes the change-over on April 22nd, make sure you do too!

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