Do It Yourself: Window Insulation

Many modern homes, and some older ones, contain a significant number of windows. While this is a great way to let in natural light and see the outdoors, the drafts coming in will put a huge strain on your air conditioning/heating. Anything that puts a strain on your AC/Heat is also going to put a strain on your wallet when that utility bill arrives.

There are a lot of ways to stop those windows from affecting the indoor air temperature. You could buy double-paned windows that reduce air movement, you could buy heavy drapes to hang in front of your windows, or you could plant trees in front of the windows. If you are looking for a simpler solution that is more cost effective, check out Henkel Duck Shrink Window Film.

You can buy a kit from Amazon.com that will insulate 5 standard 3x5 windows. Essentially, the three things you do to apply the insulation are: 1) clean the window, 2) tape the film to the window, and 3) blow dry the film to the window so it sticks to the glass.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will avoid any kind of problems. Do not allow the double-sided tape to touch painted or dry-walled areas as it may peel them off. Its better to attach the tape to the aluminum frame around the window pane. You will notice that any drafts from your windows disappear instantly and your utility bill will likely decrease.

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