The Feds Want Your Junk

I'm sure by now you know the danger of throwing your used electronics into the garbage. You know about the toxic materials and how they will seep into our ground water and pollute our air as they slowly disintegrate. Apparently, the United States Postal Service also knows about this danger.

The USPS is rolling out a new initiative that will allow you to mail in old cell phones and small electronics to be recycled for FREE. Thats right, free.

Ten cities and 1,500 post offices will participate in the pilot program. At these locations, you will be able to pick-up special envelopes that will hold printer cartridges, MP3 players, cell phones and other smaller products. Then, just drop the filled envelope in any mailbox anywhere in the country and they'll take it from there. If the program is successful, it will be expanded nationally later this year.

The company who receives your outdated junk is Clover, an electronics recycler. Clover recycles every part of these old electronic products for use in new products. Their goal is zero waste.

For more information, read the USPS press release HERE

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