Recycling the Apple Way

Its old news by now that Apple has transformed its brand over the past decade and is regarded as a realistic alternative to PC's by mainstream consumers. This is partly due to the huge popularity of iPods and to the ever-growing discontent with Windows. Throughout its transition from cult icon to pop icon, Apple has struggled to avoid being portrayed as an anti-environment company. Year-after-year environmental organizations like Greenpeace give Apple a thrashing for its use of toxic components. Finally, Apple is getting ahead of the game with its newer products like the Macbook Air. But...what is the most eco-friendly way to make the switch from PC to Mac?

If you are someone who wants to trade up from a PC to a Mac, Apple offers an incredible offer. Buy a Mac, recycle your PC for free!

  • First, at the point you purchase the new Mac, you will be given the opportunity to choose to recycle your old PC (ignore the impulse to keep it, its just going to collect dust).
  • Second, print out the email from Apple that contains shipping instructions for your old PC.
  • Third, box up your old PC in an appropriate way so that it doesn't break in transportation.
  • Fourth, take it to FedEx with your printed email. They'll handle it from there!
What if you have an old iPod or cell phone that you'd like to recycle? Apple will take care of that for free too!
  • First, go HERE and fill out the form.
  • Second, print out the mailing label.
  • Third, package your items and bring them, with the mailing label, to your post office.
This is a great service for Apple to provide. You can also bring cell phones, batteries, and more to stores like Staples or OfficeMax to have them properly recycled. You can check with your local waste disposal company to find out if they have an electronics recycling program so you can just drop off an old computer or monitor there instead.

The most important thing to remember, NEVER throw electronics or batteries into the garbage. They contain toxic chemicals and metals that will endanger your health and the health of the planet.

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