Study: Cut Carbon to Survive

We've all known for a while that unless we take dramatic action to curb the amount of carbon released into our atmosphere, global climate change will cause cataclysmic resource shortages. A new study published in the Washington Post today says we only have a few decades to totally cut carbon emissions to stop these shortages.

The scientists who wrote the report represent the United States, Canada, Germany and other industrialized nations. They warn that reducing carbon emissions will not be enough. Using advanced computerized models, the scientists have predicted that by mid-century, the continued release of greenhouse gases will mean water supplies world-wide will begin drying up. Specifically, water supplies in impoverished nations in Africa and South America will be in danger.

In order to stop the current warming trend, all nations will have to cut their use of fossil fuels by 100%. The Post article discusses the political will it will take to accomplish this feat by discussing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's energy plans, which cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The U.S. Senate will vote in June for a bill that cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2050. None of these plans accomplish the 100% cut that is apparently needed. In nations like India and China, it will be even harder to reach 100% cuts. Plus, the Senate and the candidate plans are just plans, they do not guarantee we will reach their stated levels.

While we wait for our elected officials to figure out how to curb our carbon emissions, there are things you can do to reduce your own contributions to global warming. Many electrical companies offer their customers the option to switch to renewable energy for their homes. If you cannot choose renewable energy, try to reduce your energy usage as much as possible. Also, take every opportunity to plant trees in your community. Trees absorb greenhouse gases. Use public transportation when its available too. Avoid gas-guzzling automobiles and keep your car's tires pumped-up and its engine fine-tuned so it gets the best possible gas mileage.

To read the full Washington Post article go HERE

To sign the Carbon Neutrality petition urging the 2008 Presidential Candidates to have zero carbon emissions, go HERE

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