God Wants You to Recycle

Just when you had finally memorized the 7 Deadly Sins, the Vatican goes and creates seven more. Recognizing that individual actions have an impact on society, the Catholic Church has created seven new deadly sins that forbid behavior which will negatively impact the world we live in.

The new sins include carrying out experiments on humans, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy, taking drugs, etc. According to the church, these new deadly sins differ from venial sins in that venial sins only impede a soul's pursuit of moral good while deadly sins bring about eternal death if unrepented for.

Two of the new deadly sins that are particularly related to this blog are: polluting the environment and genetic modification. I'm not an expert on the spiritual consequences associated with committing these sins, but I am an expert on the environmental consequences associated with committing them.

To help you get right with God, let me give you a few pointers...

  • Recycle: Make it easy on yourself and get small containers for your plastic/glass, paper, etc. As they fill up, dump them into the larger outdoor containers. Try to recycle everything you can.
  • Use Less Electricity: Your home is likely powered by coal, a dirty source of power that contributes hugely to global warming. Use florescent lightbulbs, take shorter showers, cut power to unused electronics, clean the refrigerator coils, etc.
  • Avoid Toxic Chemicals: Use natural cleaning products in your home like vinegar and lemon juice. Use phosphate free dish washing and clothes washing soap. Use natural fertilizers and pesticides for your yard.
  • Shop Locally: Buy groceries that are organically grown locally. Visit your farmers' market on weekends to buy straight from the source.
  • Reduce Plastic: Bring cloth bags with you to the grocery store. Buy biodegradable bags for garbage and animal waste. Take plastic grocery bags back to the store for recycling.
If you follow these tips and genuinely try your best to prevent environmental damage, my guess is that your soul will be just fine.

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