DC E-Recycling Event Too Successful

As I told you in THIS post, the DC government hosted an electronics recycling event last Saturday. Apparently many of the city's citizens had a lot of electronics equipment and hazardous waste to dump because the event caused intense traffic jams and hour long lines.

The government expected about 1,800 people to drop-off junk. Between 3,000 and 4,000 people showed up. In fact, two hours before the event was to begin, 300 cars were already waiting in the parking lot.

Obviously green thinking is beginning to take hold in the District and more than semi-annual electronics recycling events are necessary. In Montgomery County, Maryland, citizens can recycle hazardous waste 7 days a week at the Shady Grove recycling center. Fairfax has a drop-off site that is open Thursday through Sunday.

To help those who were unable to drop-off their waste on Saturday due to the long lines, the District is planning to open the Benning Road trash transfer station in NE next weekend. Also, there are plans to make the Benning Road and Fort Totten trash sites available for drop-off on alternating weekends.

To everyone who showed up to recycle their electronics and toxic materials, I say congratulations. Its definitely a good sign that so many want to do the right thing. If you weren't able to recycle your stuff, try the Benning Road site next weekend. Whatever you do, don't pollute our water even more with lead and toxic chemicals.

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