Take Action With the "We Campaign"

You may have seen some new advertisements on TV promoting a project called the "We Campaign." This is an effort by the Alliance for Climate Protection to educate Americans about the value in ordinary citizens working together to stop global climate change.

What I love about this campaign is that it does the same thing I try to do with this blog: urge people to take personal environmental responsibility. We have the power of the purse when it comes to influencing the corporate world's environmental efforts, but only if we choose to buy energy efficient, organic, sustainably manufactured goods from eco-conscious companies.

Its also necessary for us to hold our elected officials to a high standard when it comes to environmental & energy policy reform. We can speak louder than the well-funded special interests if we speak with one voice.

You and I can start making a difference today with the "We Campaign." On their website, the "We Campaign" lists four action items that can be tackled immediately...

  • First, sign the petition urging international leaders to sign a treaty pledging reduced carbon emissions in their home nations.
  • Second, email your friends the newest advertisement from the "We Campaign" to spread their great message.
  • Third, urge the media to start pressing our leaders on how they plan to address global climate change.
  • Fourth, ask money lenders to consider the environmental impact of coal power plants before funding them.

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  1. Everytime I hear the phrase Stop Global Climate Change I ask the speaker if possible the following question: How will we know when we've stopped it?. It rarely gets answered with any rational words.

    I am firm believer in knowing where you are going before you begin the trip. John A. Warden III, a strategy expert wrote this piece about just that: Thinking Strategically About Global Climate Change. It is a provocative perspective that really makes one think about what everyone is trying to get all of us to do about Global Climate Change.