Water Usage Calculator

Google "Carbon Calculator" and you'll discover a ton of great websites that allow you to calculate your carbon footprint. Calculating your water usage, however, is a little more difficult.

Zerofootprint has created a great "One Minute Calculator" that calculates your home water usage by answering a few quick questions.

The calculator can be found HERE.

I answered the questions and came out with 95,827 liters/person/year of water usage. I think its unusually low compared to the average American because I don't have a car to wash or a yard to water. According to the site, Canadians score an average of 125,000 liters/person/year, while Europeans score 73,000.

I played around with the questions and found that by reducing my showers down to 5 minutes a piece and by installing a "low flow" device into my toilet, I can save 44,165 liters/person/year. Thats lower than the Europeans, magnifique!

It doesn't take a genius to know that water is becoming an increasingly limited resource. If you want to conserve the amount of water you're using, go to THIS post where I outline some easy tips to do just that.

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