Apple a Failure on Climate Change Plan

An organization called Climate Counts released a report this week that ranked corporations by their commitment to confronting global climate change and mitigating their greenhouse gas contributions.

Of all the industries studied by Climate Counts, the Information Technology and Electronics industry showed the strongest efforts in slowing climate change. The top performing companies in the industry were IBM and Canon. The average score on the rankings list was 56, those two companies earned a 77 and 74, respectively.

Unfortunately, the worst performing company on the rankings list was Apple. Despite recent claims by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the company's growing attention to their environmental impact, their overall score was a measly 11. According to Climate Counts, the reason for the low score was incomplete reporting by Apple and the failure by Apple to set goals for itself or its partners to reduce contributions to global warming.

If you want to learn more about Climate Counts and the results of their research go HERE.

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