Google Maps Hates Plastic Bags Too

Plastic bags are mischievous little creatures. They are manufactured using petroleum. They are more expensive to recycle than to create. They clog drainage systems, choke sea life and cause unsightly tangled plastic webs in tree limbs.

Add a new annoyance to the list of problems caused by plastic bags; Google Maps interference.

Googlesightseeing.com has found a Google Maps Street View section of Fairbanks, Alaska where a plastic bag blew up off the street and covered the lens of the camera mounted on top of the Google Maps car that is used to photograph street views for the website.

There apparently is some debate over whether the bag actually landed on the camera's lens accidentally or if it was placed there to sabotage the camera's ability to capture that portion of the city. Regardless, the bag remained on the lens for several blocks.

If you want to check out the little jerk causing havoc with Google Maps, go type in "College Road and Old Steese Highway, Fairbanks, Alaska." Click on the street view and there it is!

If you want to avoid contributing to our nation's plastic bag problems, bring your own cloth bags to the store. Keep a few in the car, at the office and on you. We will end the plastic bag mischief once and for all!

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