Green DC: Local Green Buying Guide

This post is part of a weekly feature where we will focus on events and issues, related to the environment, happening in our own back yard of Washington, DC. Come back next Wednesday for another post.

I've tried to list many of the eco-friendly places to shop in DC in the past. The website Gridskipper.com has also taken a shot at listing DC's green shopping sites. However, being a green consumer incoporates so many different factors that its nearly impossible to list every local farmers market, thrift store, organic market, fair trade shop, vegan restaurant, etc., in town.

So rather than waste perfectly good blog space trying to list all these green locations in DC, I'm going to rely on the New American Dream's Green Guide to DC.

This guide is essential for living and contributing to the DC community. It is a great resource on all of the local farmers markets, book stores, gardens, repair shops, flea markets and more. The guide also includes websites and contact information for several local community organizations or resources.

In addition to all the above-mentioned information, the New American Dream surveyed 50 businesses in Northwest DC communities and compared their performance in three categories 1)Save, 2)Local, and 3)Green. They then list not only the scores and rankings of these businesses so you know which is being a good neighbor.

I really could go on and on about this guide. It is very intuitive with lots of facts about the benefits of buying local and buying green. If you want to view the most comprehensive green guide to Washington, DC just click HERE.

As an aside, guides are also available for Nashville, Meadville, PA, Brooklyn and Wolfeboro, NH.

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