Greener One: How Green are Your Goods?

Getting information about the eco-friendliness of different products is pretty tough. Often, you cannot rely on the information from the manufacturer because it is skewed, exaggerated or misrepresented to increase sales. Google searching is tough because there is so much information out there, spread out over so many websites.

So what is a curious consumer to do? A new website called Greener One has just opened up shop on the internet to help us all out. It is similar to Wikipedia in that it invites educated citizens to contribute information on the ingredients, toxicity and lifespan of different products ranging from electronics to cleaning agents.
The long-term goal of the site is to become a go-to resource similar to "Consumer Reports" where consumers will look for reviews and information on a product prior to making a purchase. They can find out if the product is recyclable and whether it contains harmful ingredients.

If you want to check the site out, click HERE. It is in the beginning phases of development, but already there are several categories of product reviews available.

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  1. Going Green with Bamboo.

    I am not certain that this is exactly the right place to post this, but I would like you to share this with your readers, please. As a Minneapolis real estate agent, I am always interested in promoting discussion about "green" construction and building techniques.

    Here is a post I wrote about bamboo floors:


    Thank You.