John McCain's Eco-Friendly Shop

The League of Conservation Votes gave John McCain the worst possible score for his 2007 voting record on the environment.

Why? Because he simply failed to vote on ANY positive environmental bills in the Senate that year. He just didn't vote. Its difficult to know a candidate's position on things without a voting record. Maybe thats why he did it!

This fact is remarkable in light of the McCain campaign's push in recent weeks to frame him as an environmentalist. In spite of his campaign's refusal to go carbon neutral by purchasing carbon credits from the free-market, McCain says he supports a free-market cap-and-trade pollution reduction program. He has also said he will invest in new energy technologies and use "common sense" to restore America's conservation commitment.

I'll give McCain the benefit of the doubt on his environmental proposals before I have the opportunity to read them in depth. Its not like Obama is wowing me with his commitment to "clean coal." What is fascinating about McCain's big environmentalist campaign, though, is that he has opened an eco-friendly category of products in his campaign shop.

If you click HERE, you will be taken to the "Go Green" section of the John McCain campaign store where there are products like t-shirts, hats, notebooks, coffee mugs, baby clothes and shopping bags made from organic cotton, organic based inks and more. He has even created a new campaign logo with the recycle symbol stamped above his name (leaving him open to jokes about "recycling Bush's policies").

Take a second to check out the goods. I have blogged in the past about the benefit of having candidates of both parties competing for the environmentalist label (read it HERE). Thats why I'm kind of excited about this new development from McCain. You can sign a petition urging the McCain campaign to go carbon neutral by going HERE.

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  1. McCain's record on the environment is badbadbaad. He helped the Peabody Coal Co., the biggest coal company in the US by putting out legislation that took the Dineh Navajo Indians off of their lands and onto a nuclear waste dump. When they started mining coal, the dust from it had horrible effects on the area. And there's his boiling rages from which even his fellow senators are not immune. Before voting for any of the three main candidates this article should really be read.