Renewable Energy Tax Credit Expiring

When I criticised Barack Obama's support of "Clean Coal" in West Virginia (read HERE), many attacked me by saying, "We have all this coal, what are we supposed to do?" To which I said, "Ignore it."

I argued that although coal currently makes up 50% of our energy mix, we could dramatically lower that level by investing in renewable energy sources rather than coal band-aids. I backed up my argument with THIS report from the Department of Energy that shows 20% of our nation's energy could come from wind power if we simply utilize currently existing technologies and make the right investments.

Now is the perfect time for Congress to show its commitment to expanding our renewable energy infrastructure by extending the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit. At the end of the year, the tax credit will expire. Until Congress makes clear its intention to renew the credit, several planned wind energy projects are in limbo.

Wind energy not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, environmental degradation from coal mining and the release of toxins into the air, it also employs 76,000 Americans. Call your Member of Congress now and ask if they are supporting the tax credit. If they aren't, ask why. 202 225-3121

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