Drip Irrigation vs. Sprinklers

Its no secret that several states out west are struggling with a terrible dry spell. As California firefighters struggle to put out forest fires, its important for all of us to rethink the way we use water around our homes.

One important change you could make is the method you use to keep your yard and plants watered. Most people use sprinklers for watering. There is a better alternative to sprinklers that offers several great benefits, including water conservation.

Drip irrigation is a network of pipes that carry low pressure water to plants. Holes are placed along the pipes to allow for a slow drip onto the soil. Where traditional sprinklers are only 50-70% effective in watering a yard or garden, drip irrigation is 90% effective. There are other great benefits associated with switching to drip.

  • Drip irrigation may be exempt from water restriction laws during droughts.
  • Water is distributed directly to the soil and plants, reducing evaporation, runoff and loss due to wind.
  • The ugly mold marks on the sides of homes and fences from sprinkler splash are not a problem with drip irrigation.
  • Timers and automatic systems can be attached to drip irrigation pipes just like sprinklers.
  • The layout of a drip irrigation system can be easily changed or added on to.
If you are interested in installing a drip irrigation system at your home, there is a lot of great information available HERE.

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  1. I completely agree, drip irrigation is an excellent way to conserve water and it has also proven to be highly effective in situations where high water costs have to be avoided. I have seen just how effective drip irrigation can be when I visited a small community farming project in a township in Gauteng, South Africa. This project uses drip irrigation and their produce is top-notch! Keep an eye out for a website that will be launched in August 2008, www.greentec.co.za. I will post photos of this project there - proof of how effective drip irrigation can be!