Dump Old Electronics and Make Money

What is it with old electronics? For some reason they are so difficult to let go of. Its like we are all waiting for them to gain some new use they never had before so we can extend their lives. In most cases, this will never happen. Instead of holding onto all of those unused cell phones and music players, wouldn't it be better to make a few bucks off of them?

Two websites are offering money to anyone willing to sell their old electronic gear.

The first website is called Gazelle. Gazelle allows you to search for your electronic equipment, tell them what condition it is in and sell it for the price they offer. After you agree to sell the item, Gazelle will send a shipping package. Once they receive the package, they wipe off any personal data and either send you a check or deposit money into your PayPal account.

You are already familiar with the second website offering this service. Amazon.com offers a similar service to Gazelle. Simply go to THIS site and input the description and registration number of your equipment (they are only interested in cell phones and music players). Amazon will send you a confirmation and shipping package in the mail. Once they receive your item, they will give you a store credit to spend on the site.

One of the best benefits of using these services is that you are recycling your gear, rather than throwing it in the garbage, where the toxic chemicals and metals inside of it will leak into the ground or the air. If you have stuff thats too old to sell, consider electronic recycling programs like this ONE, this ONE or this ONE.

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