Find Your Eco-Soul Mate

Most first dates include the usual small talk about jobs, colleges, home towns and hobbies. On second and third dates the more controversial stuff comes out, like political affiliations, number of past sexual encounters and the number of children you plan to have.

If you are an environmentally-minded individual, its probably common for you to ask on the first date things like: Hummer or Prius, bottled water or water bottle, cloth bag or plastic bag, etc. Now you can avoid those awkward conversations by finding dates through eco-friendly dating sites that match individuals up with those who share their love of tree hugging.

In 1985, a dating organization called Green Singles was established to put together singles who share a "global consciousness influenced by holistic philosophies, green politics and a willingness to explore the mind, body and spirit." Apparently, the types of singles who use the site are marine biologists and permaculturists. You can find Green Singles online HERE.

On the website DemocraticSingles.net, you can search for available men and women based on their areas of passion, including environmental activism. A few highlights from the site include someone who enjoys mountain sex and someone looking for a partner to garden naked with.

Finally, you can find "carbon neutral love" at GreenSpeedDating.com. On the site you can join or plan a get-together for area eco-singles where everyone can mountain bike, hike, bicycle and drink organic beer together.

If you are sick of falling in love, only to have your heart broken by a litterer, check out one of these sites first.

To read the full Seattle Post-Intelligencier story on eco-dating click HERE.

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