Green Piece Blog Quoted in Washington Post Express...Again!

We're excited to share with you some more exciting news about the Green Piece Blog. On Wednesday, August 13th, the Washington Post Express featured a quote from one of our posts for the second time this summer.

The last time the Express quoted us was back on July 1st when they featured a line from our post on bottled water. You can read the bottled water post HERE.

Once again, the Green Piece Blog was quoted in the Express' "Blog Log" section with a quote from our post on big box retailers installing solar panels on their roofs. You can read that post HERE.

The quote used in the Express was this...

"Apparently, the retailers know your inner conflict, and they are trying to reconcile their evil deeds by installing solar panels on their giant roofs."

This time, our quote was the featured one in large print at the top of the "Blog Log" section.

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