Green DC: Carbon Free DC

There are so many environmental groups in DC that it can be a little overwhelming. When making a decision about which groups to join, its important to keep in mind which environmental issues are most important to you. Its also good to distinguish between joining large, national groups and smaller, local groups.

If climate change is an environmental issue that is important to you and you are looking to join a growing local group, I suggest checking out Carbon Free DC. This group was formed very recently and is currently building its membership and its direction. I attended a forum hosted by Carbon Free DC last Thursday and I was impressed. Representatives from the Cool Capital Challenge, the World Bank and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network spoke on behalf of their organizations about the work they are doing in the DC area.

Carbon Free DC's goal is to "Support a vibrant, educated and engaged membership committed to living sustainability, and educating others about the imperative to do so." They are trying to avoid replicating the work other organizations are doing in our area. Already they have a few projects and events planned for the coming months. The membership is diverse with both younger and older professionals. Not everyone in the group works in the environmental community and most just want to get involved in environmental projects around town.

This group is definitely worth checking out. If you are interested in Carbon Free DC, visit their Meet-Up page HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the post Brandon! And by the way, now we have a stand-alone website, carbonfreedc.com.