EPA Protecting Bee Killers?

Another day, another controversy at the Environmental Protection Agency. You have probably heard about the mysterious disappearance of bees in the western region of the United States. If not, let me catch you up. 

In the last two years, bee populations have dropped more than 30%. The result of this loss is a collapse of bee colonies in several states. Bees provide economic benefits called "ecoystem syervices" to U.S. crops. It would cost $15 billion to human engineer the pollination benefits bees provide to farmers. 

Scientists are trying to figure out what is causing the bees to disappear. One leading theory is that pesticides used on crops the bees pollinate are poisoning them. In particular, scientists are concerned about a new class of pesticides being spread on crops. 

This is where the EPA comes in. Bayer CropScience, a pesticide manufacturer recieved EPA approval five years ago for a new pesticide. Scientists would like access to the research information used by the EPA in their approval process to see if the pesiticde is to blame for bee population decreases. Unfortunately, the EPA is refusing to make public their information. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council has filed a lawsuit to gain access to the information being withheld by the government ageny. The NRDC believes the EPA is putting corporate interests above their stated mission of protecting species. 

To read the NRDC release on their EPA lawsuit, click HERE. 

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