The Green Craig's List

Craig's List is already a pretty environmentally friendly concept. The site, with its huge array of classified ads, allows people to purchase and sell used products they might otherwise throw away. It has added years of life to computers, furniture, clothes, cars, etc. Now, a new website is taking eco-friendly classfieds to a whole other level. 

EcoFlip.org likes to portray itself as the Green Craig's List. They have classfied ad sites for several countries, states and cities. Each site features ad categories like Green Living, Household Products, Fuel Efficient Vehicles, EcoPersonals and Eco-Friendly Services. 

Posting to EcoFlip.org is free, just like Craig's List. Keep in mind that they do accept donations though, so that the service can continue to exist. We searched through the site a little bit and failed to come up with many classifieds postings, but the word may not yet be out in our community.

Take a minute and stop by EcoFlip. If you're thinking of selling something on Craig's List, why not put it up on EcoFlip too? www.ecoflip.org

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  1. what a great place to go.

    I will be adding


    to promote an art product that does not harm our plant.