Reuse Fallen Leaves in Autumn

The Fall has arrived in many parts of the country. This means apple cider, pumpkin pie, acorn squash, cooler weather and, of course, thousands of falling leaves.

Leaves may be beautiful when they're turning bright orange, yellow and red, but the beauty wears off when they're covering your lawn. Is there a way to reuse these leaves rather than bundle them up and send them to the dump? Yes.

According to Sustainityourself.blogspot.com, leaves can have a second life all over your yard if you know how to use them.

First, simply mow over the leaves with your lawn mower. Dicing up the leaves and allowing them to decompose into your yard preserves their nutrients and feeds the lawn for the Spring.

Second, rake up leaves into a ring around the base of your trees. The leaves will protect the tree from freezing Winter temperatures and will feed the roots as they break down.

Third, spread leaves over your garden to prevent weeds, provide nutrition and slow soil erosion. In the Spring, rake the decaying leaves into the soil as fertilizer.

Fourth, load excess leaves into biodegradable garbage bags so the whole bunch can degrade together in the landfill, eventually leaving no trace. You can buy biodegradable garbage bags HERE.

Its important to keep in mind that many fertilizers contain toxic chemicals and unnatural nutrients that can be dangerous to your family and the local environment. Using natural products like leaves to feed your yard and gardens is a healthier and cheaper alternative.

Read the Sustain It Yourself post HERE.

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