What McCain Didn't Say in the Debate

In Wednesday night's debate, John McCain and Barack Obama addresssed domestic issues. One of the most important domestic issues facing America is our energy crisis and the growing need for clean, renewable energy.

Once again, John McCain discussed his support for renewable energy sources and mocked Obama for criticising the safety of nuclear energy. 

The problem is, John McCain conveniently leaves out the most important facts underlying his energy policy. 

First, John McCain's "support" for renewable energy does not actually include any additional funding for research and development of clean, renewable energy sources. The plan, as spelled out on his website, merely calls for "rationalizing existing tax credits." 

Second, John McCain hasn't explained where nuclear waste from the 45 nuclear power plants he plans to have built by 2030 will go. Currently, nuclear waste is sitting idle all over the nation while litigation continues over a controversial Nevada dumping site, Yucca Mountain. John McCain supports dumping in Yucca Mountain but has refused to identify locations in his home state of Arizona for nuclear waste dumping.

Third, John McCain will direct significantly more money to dirty, polluting energy sources than he will for cleaner, renewable sources. McCain's energy policy calls for additional $4 billion in tax breaks for oil companies and a huge investment in coal. 

Its easy to understand why McCain would shy away from discussing in detail his energy policy at a time when Americans are ready for innovation and a green jobs sector, but the devil is always in the details.  

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